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Mission & Vision


The City of Mission Viejo's Information Technology (I.T.) department manages a Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting ten remote sites with a combination of City-owned fiber and leased T-1 circuits.  I.T. is responsible for providing support to approximately 300 customers in addition to supporting software applications, security, networking, hardware, telephony, web development, audio visual systems and user training.  View the department brochure.


The Information Technology Department provides the City with leadership in both tactical and strategic planning, implementation, and maintenance of information technology, utilizing industry's best practices and committing to fiscal responsibility.

I.T. provides consistent, timely and reliable technology tools and services to support the City's staff, Council members and residents.  The I.T. staff manages the City's network infrastructure; telecommunication services, including voice, data and video communications; email systems; MVTV Channel 30 access cable television equipment; printing and digital photocopying; wireless network (Wi-Fi); and audio/video and voting systems.  In addition, I.T. is responsible for managing and maintaining the City's internal and external web sites (Mission Viejo Life BlogFacebookTwitterYouTube), coordinating training services, providing support to end users of all I.T. systems, and supporting emergency preparedness activities.