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Business Watch

The Orange County Sheriff's Department, in conjunction with the City of Mission Viejo, is interested in developing a partnership with the business community. We are in the process of rejuvenating our Business Watch program to provide businesses with crime prevention information specific to your business. This program is available to all businesses in the city free of charge.  

The key to creating and maintaining a successful Business Watch program is involving employers and employees to develop a comprehensive approach to safety for each individual business as well as the entire business community. Listed below are some of the many benefits that the Mission Viejo Business Watch program provides. 

Prompt notification in an emergency    

The program is based upon a confidential listing, maintained by the Orange County Sheriff's Department, of emergency numbers and contact persons for local businesses. Each business will have an individually assigned sticker with a Business Watch number for placement on the storefront window or door. If a Deputy encounters an emergency situation occurring after business hours at the location, the contact person or responsible party will be notified immediately. This would be in addition to any private security the business may employ.

Crime alert bulletins 

An updated list of participating community businesses will allow for quick distribution of Business Watch crime alert bulletins. The bulletins will be emailed directly to participating businesses and will describe recent crimes of interest to the business community, including descriptions of persons and type of crimes involved. These warnings will also be posted on the Police Services web page at http://cityofmissionviejo.org/PoliceServices/

Training bulletins and Seminars  

These Crime Prevention events are tailored to crime trends as well as business and community needs.

Employee Training  

Special programs to ensure everyone is alert and aware of crime prevention practices to help keep your business safe.  Scheduled during hours of your convenience.

Emergency Preparedness   

Join the City of Mission Viejo in a collaborative effort with the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Orange County Fire Authority and the American Red Cross to develop plans for recovery from emergencies of varying degrees. 

Sign Up Now   

REGISTER TODAY to be a part of this free, beneficial program! 
For more information email crimeprevention@cityofmissionviejo.org

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