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Hours & Directions

Operation Clean Street is a City program that strives to encourage residents to not park on their residential streets during street sweeping days, so that all the debris that collects underneath parked cars and along the curb can be swept up before being carried down the storm drain and out into the ocean.

The Residential Street Sweeping Map  shows the street sweeping areas in your neighborhood corresponding to the day of the week. Sweeping is done every other week the day after trash day except for holidays, when streets are swept one day later. To retrieve the schedule for your neighborhood, double-click on the color-coded section of the map where your residence is located. Click on "open" and your street sweeping calendar will appear. 

You can also request a free calendar of street sweeping days by contacting the Public Services Department at 949-470-3064, email publicservices@cityofmissionviejo.org or make a service request for street sweeping