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Pollution Prevention

The Mission of the Stormwater Management Program is to maintain and promote the quality of water and environmental resources for the Citizens of Mission Viejo and to ensure compliance with water quality regulations.

The Stormwater Management section of the City of Mission Viejo Public Works Department is responsible for overall management of stormwater quality issues in the City of Mission Viejo.  Through public education and outreach, the Stormwater Management section ensures that all residents, businesses, and municipal departments are familiar with federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to stormwater quality issues, and comply with those laws and regulations.  If you have questions or concerns regarding stormwater issues, you may call (949) 470-3000.

Development and Construction

New development and construction projects are required to minimize impacts on receiving water quality by incorporating Best Management Practices (BMPs) specific to both the construction and post-construction phases of the project.  New development and redevelopment projects are required to minimize the impacts on receiving water quality by incorporating pollution prevention measures in their project design.  Projects proponents must implement Low Impact Development (LID), source control, and treatment control BMPs.  The City of Mission Viejo Local Implementation includes guidance for these requirements. Construction projects of one acre or more are regulated under the State Construction Permit.  Developers are required to submit a Notice of Intent and prepare a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).  Construction sites less than one acre are regulated by the construction component Municipal Stormwater Permit.  The City’s Local Implementation Plan details requirements for each type of project.  Mission Viejo City staff regularly inspect construction sites and provide stormwater BMP education and enforcement if necessary.

Development and Construction Documents: