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The City Council is assisted by three commissions: the Community Services Commission, the Investment Advisory Commission, and the Planning and Transportation Commission. Commissioners:

  • advise the City Council and the City Manager on matters within their area of responsibility and interest;
  • help focus attention on specific issues and problems within their scope of responsibilities, and recommend action and alternatives for Council consideration;
  • act as channels of communication among City government, the general public, and interest groups;
  • reconcile contradictory viewpoints and provide direction toward achievement of citywide goals and objectives;
  • balance community wants with municipal responsibility and resources.

Members of each commission are appointed by the City Council from a pool of applicants. Each council member nominates one member for each commission, and each nomination must then be ratified by a majority vote of the City Council. All commissioners serve at the pleasure of the City Council, and any individual commissioner may be removed at any time by a simple majority of the City Council, without cause.

Commission Application

Community Services Commission

The Community Services Commission advises the City Council and staff regarding the development and maintenance of parks and recreation facilities, and the provision of recreation and youth services, senior citizen and human services, cultural and fine arts services. This commission also considers applications for community service grants.

Investment Advisory Commission

The Investment Advisory Commission oversees the implementation of the City's and the Community Development Agency's investment programs, assuring the consistency of these programs with the investment policies of both agencies and recommending changes to the investment policies for consideration by the City Council and the Agency Board.

Residents interested in serving on the Investment Advisory Commission should have the following qualifications: (1) banker, vice-president level or above; (2) investment banker, vice-president level or above; (3) financial planner; (4) corporate chief financial officer or treasurer; (5) registered investment adviser; or other associated qualifications. 

Planning and Transportation Commission

Each city in California must adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan for the physical development of the city. Mission Viejo's long range planning goals and master strategy are embodied in its General Plan initially adopted by the City Council on October 8, 1990. From time to time the City has amended or comprehensively updated elements of the General Plan to further refine the City vision for its own long-term physical development. The Planning and Transportation Commission advises the City Council regarding amendments to that Plan. The policies, goals, and objectives of the General Plan are implemented through the City's development standards. The Planning and Transportation Commission has the authority to approve or deny discretionary applications for development within the City. Types of applications included are: tentative tract maps, tentative parcel maps, planned development permits, conditional use permits, architectural review, variances, and sign programs. Decisions of the Planning and Transportation Commission on discretionary planning applications may be appealed to the City Council. The Planning and Transportation Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on all applications for changes in the Development Code and Zoning Map. The Planning and Transportation Commission also reviews matters relating to traffic and transportation.