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Council Member Cathy Schlicht

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Council Member Cathy Schlicht has lived in Mission Viejo since 1983. She cares deeply about this City and has dedicated herself to upholding the Mission Viejo Company's "California Promise."   She believes we live in a beautiful City, one of the safest in the nation.  Her greatest desire is to safeguard our quality of life and will continue to be the champion for public safety.

Politically, Cathy has served multiple terms as an elected board member for the Saddleback Republican Assembly, served as an Ambassador for the Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce and was a board member for the non-profit Fun With Chalk, a children's charitable organization promoting art appreciation. Cathy attends Lutheran Church of the Cross where she serves as a church committee member. 

Council Member Schlicht continues to stand up for transparency in government and fiscal accountability.   As a council member, Cathy has continued to be an ombudsman for our residents, researching City issues and expressing community concerns from the dais. During her service on the City Council, Mayor Schlicht has:

  • Convinced her peers to support her proposal to eliminate access to lifetime healthcare benefits by council members

  • Stood steadfast in her opposition to the creation of the Special Fire Protection Area (SFPA)

  • Voted to repeal the SFPA

  • Has begun work to create a youth center for our teenagers

Served as Mayor for 2015, Cathy continued her commitment to support policies that enhance our quality of life and protect investments in our community.  Cathy is honored to serve as your council member, promoting integrity, transparency, fiscal responsibility, and accountability.  Mayor Cathy Schlicht has taken the following Pledge:


I hereby pledge my support of the Proposition 13 tax cut, and as an elected official, I promise that I will work to protect and preserve Proposition 13.
I support the principle that taxes should be approved by those who pay them, consistent with Propositions 13, 62 and 218.


Biography prepared by: Mayor Cathy Schlicht

Current Membership Information

Council Member Schlicht serves as the City’s representative for the League of California Cities, the Association of California Cities-Orange County, and the Housing Ad Hoc Committee. She is the City’s alternate representative for the Orange County Fire Authority Board of Directors (OCFA).


Term 1 - November 4, 2008

Term 2 - November 6, 2012

Term expires:  November 2016

E-mail​ cschlicht@cityofmissionviejo.org